Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The world, she is a-changin'

Saw an article in Information Week that spoke of Google's move to offline application chunks. They are giving, free, to developers hunks of code that will work inside any browser.

The chunks (I think they were called "bricks") will allow word-processing, spreadsheet and other standard computing apps to be downloaded once and then used off-line. Google is encouraging "mashups" such as what has been done with Google Maps (real-estate companies employing Google to map out sale properties, etc).

On top of that, Novell announced they were pulling back from their non-litigate agreement with Microsoft. They'd entered into that under threat that MS would sue them for patent infringement over intellectual property inside SUSE Linux (now owned by Novell).

MS has been pushing these agreements on the big Open Source players to force them to limit development and cooperate with MS. There has to be a reason that MS is trying to get a control on Open Source... and the reason is Open Source can now compete on a level playing field with MS ... and is absolutely free -- except for support which is where these companies aim to maike their money.

But Novell is considering pulling out of the agreement. The reason is that the Open Source world has crafted a new license, called GPLv3. The license takes aim square at alliances like MS/Novell. Core GPL software (i.e. Linux core) cannot be distributed by any company in such an alliance.

These two windstorms are highly significant. The world of software and high proprietary costs are beginning to evaporate. We're looking not just at a commodity world. We're looking at a world whose only analog is the free library. You won't have to buy the software, you just download it when needed.

I see a world where the PC is no longer an operating system which runs multiple programs. I see a world where the browser will be the operating system.

The paradigm has shifted. It may already be too late for MS.


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Best All-Star Moment

Cardinal Albert Pujols never even got to play last night... There's debate over why. But he gave me the best moment of the whole affair.

The night before during the 2nd round of the Home Run Derby a little boy, maybe 4? stood... dressed just like Pujols. I assume it was his son.

When Pujols needed a towel, the little boy trotted it over to him. When he hit, the camera went in on the little boy and his face glowed. When he missed, the little boy looked as if he had missed.

I love baseball.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Thoughts on Iraq, Iran, War and Peace

"Third aircraft carrier sent to waters off Iran..."

That headline started a conversation with my favorite war skeptic.

"Shoot, that means more boys dying," was her response.

I firmly believe war has a necessary place. I wonder about Iraq, but I understand the premise. Like it or not we are in a war... a war with Islam. We are the infidels. Our culture is their enemy.

We can either choose our battles or have them chosen for us. Military wisdom says that in that situation, the wisest thing to do is to choose your battle, choose your ground.

Either take the war on your own grounds and lose some, or have it brought to you and lose many many more...

Israeli intelligence is saying that we're running out of time to destroy Iran's nuclear ability. Imagine a nuclear Iran... When they speak with a bomb in one hand, will we HAVE to listen??? Are we willing to strike pre-emptively regardless of public opinion...

It seems to me we must.


Saturday, July 07, 2007

:) Here we go again

Just a quick thought on the primary. Candidates are giving lip-service to New Hampshire, saying it's still important, but look at their agendas. And look at our own Merrimack Fourth of July parade. Only Duncan Hunter (GOP) and Bill Richardson (Dem) were a part.

Four years ago we had Kerry, Dean, Edwards, and all the 2nd and third tier.

Another interesting note, the only folks with any decent contingents were Dem, Clinton, Obama and Edwards.